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We-Me.org is a non profit and independent organisation. A network of active, hands-on individuals and organisations that take concrete actions at a local level, helping to solve global problems and enriching democracy. We-Me.org is a movement that believes that as individuals we must think of us all, and nature, as one. All our actions have a impact. If we act together, we can change the world. That is why our strategy is collaboration.

We-Me.org generates and promotes clear solutions to social and environmental problems through long term and committed civic and daily action, using the power of digital media to multiply our reach and impact. Check below our current programmes, and the ones we are developing and will be launching in the near future. If you are interested in more information, please contact us at info@we-me.org



Let's all plant trees together in every available space. Everyone is considered, invited and included
Online Launch: LIVE!

Global version of AlianzaArboles.org
Estimated online launch: July 2012

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YoQuieroSaber.org is a platform from where citizens, in view of 2011 Elections for President in Argentina, can engage actively in information campaigns about the proposals of each candidate regarding to major topics they are concerned with.
Online Launch: LIVE!

This campaign is being developed together with the following organizations:

  Red de Escuelas Sustentables
A network of schools that get active and become sustainable, changing their practices and collaborating with their communities.
Estimated launch: March 2012

This campaign is being developed together with the following organizations:

aliado aliadolawnet
  ciudadania20   activas  
  eGovernment campaign which aims to improve the relationship between citizens and local governments in everyday life and accountability.
Online Estimated Launch: To be confirmed.

This campaign is being developed together with the following organizations:

  A Women-driven social network that fights against sexual crimes, and for greater safety on the streets.
Online Estimated Launch: September 2011.

With the main goal of expanding the concept that gave birth to this movement, our team also develops international projects, which are designed and managed as consultancy services provided by We-Me.org founder and executive director, Alfredo Botti.


Greenpeace Nordic

Fighting for a full-swith to Clean Energy. Currently Sweden has 50% of clean energy and 50% nuclear

Ställ om Sverige
Greenpeace Sweden


Greenpeace Italy

Fighting to keep Italy a Nuclear-Free country.

Nuclear Lifestyle
Greenpeace Italy

Austrialia - Pacific + Asia


World Society for the Protection of Animals

Australia - Pacific

Strategic support for the development of campaigns maximising public engagement and influence on policy, and integrating digital media with offline activities. Some of the campaigns of WSPA Australia - Pacific:

Bricks for Bears - Building a sanctuary in Pakistan to stop Bear Beating.
Humane Chain- Stopping Live Export

  greenpeace signon

Greenpeace New Zealand

Running a campaign to fight Climate Change reducing emissions.

Greenpeace New Zealand

ACBF aims to become the leading African institution in partnership with stakeholders to build sustainable capacity for good governance and poverty reduction.

ACBF portfolio stands at 233 projects and programs in 40 African countries.

These projects span the Foundation's six core competence areas:
  • Economic Policy Analysis and Management
  • Financial Management and Accountability
  • National Statistics and Statistical Systems
  • National Parliaments and Parliamentary Institutions
  • Professionalization of the Voices of the Private Sector and Civil Society

    Our role from We-Me.org is to help with the development and enrichiment of ACBF's constituency of stakeholders, donors and supporters world-wide.

    For more info, please visit http://www.acbf-pact.org/
    Argentina & Latin America                       USA

    Strategy and Fundraising.


    refugees international

    Fundraising Consultancy.


    International Partners
      Voice Voice is social media consultancy servicing mainly the non profit sector. We educate organisations on power and mechanisms of social media, and its use in marketing and fundraising practices to help them achieve their goals through personal relationships with supporters and donors, and take the lead in discussions around their brand.

      acbf See3 is an interactive communications agency that works exclusively with nonprofits, foundations, associations, and social causes. We specialize in online strategies and campaigns, video production, and web design & development.